Herschel Walker has Many Victims.
Georgia is Next if he Becomes Senator.


Herschel's Victims - Women & Families.


Walker says he supports "family values," but his record says otherwise. Walker pointed a gun at his wife's head and said "I'm going to blow your brains out," and threatened the same to his mistress. Walker's wife obtained a restraining order, with the judge ruling Walker as a "present danger of family violence."

Herschel's Victims - Veterans


Walker is a leader of a for-profit organization that preys upon veterans & defrauds taxpayers. The organization misdiagnosed patients & falsified documents so they could make more money by hospitalizing veterans who didn't need treatment, often against the veterans' own will. The organization was sued & ordered to pay $122 million to Herschel's victims.


Herschel's Victims - Georgians


Walker has blood on his hands from COVID-19, which has killed over 1 million Americans and 37,000 Georgians. Rather than encourage Americans to listen to their doctors, Walker spread disinformation by promoting a body spray that doesn't actually exist, falsely claiming it was EPA and FDA approved to kill COVID.

Georgians deserve better.
On December 6,
Say No to Herschel Walker.